Music Composition

We create original high quality music for games, films and other types of media. We mainly focus on electronic styles but whatever mood or genre you require we can almost certainly create it.

Sound Design

Good sound design can really add to the atmosphere within a game or film and help create a more immersive experience for the player / viewer. We have a well equipped digital audio studio based just outside of Liverpool where we can create high quality sound assets for your production. We also use portable recording equipment to capture sounds that can not be created within the studio.

Sound Restoration & Audio Enhancement

Do you have a recording with unwanted background sounds such as traffic, wind, chatter, rustling etc? We can significantly reduce and often remove these background sounds to give you back a very clear, audible version of the part of the recording you need. We can also help restore and enhance bad quality audio recordings or audio from old worn media such as vinyl, cassettes or vhs tapes.