What is responsive design?

A responsive website will ‘respond’ to the screen size of the device, automatically re-arranging content and resizing elements to fit onto the screen in the most suitable way for the device in use (from desktop pc’s and laptops to mobile phones).
non-responsive-website-example Non-Responsive
responsive-website-example Responsive

On the left is an example of a non-responsive website.

As you can see, this does not look very usable, the full desktop version of the website is shown which results in text that is too small to read. The user is forced to zoom in and scroll vertically and horizontally to find the section they require. When presented with such a site, many people will simply leave and choose a different site.

On the right is how the same website could look with a mobile friendly responsive design.

The main elements of the site that the mobile customer would be looking for, the menu, contact details and restaurant location are given prime position at the top of the screen. The main navigation menu is now activated by pressing the button in the top right. The text is clear and easy to read.

How does your website look on a mobile device?

Mobile internet use is currently at around 31% and is rising every year. If your site was not designed with mobile in mind, you may be losing customers.

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