Create some Acid Techno right here in your browser! The acid machine is a web based music production app featuring 2 synthesizers (simulating the classic 303 sound), a drum machine and a mini sequencer. It started life as a simple project to test out the Web Audio API but quickly became so much fun to use that we developed it into a full app. After going online, it received around 70,000 visitors a day

If you’ve used a 303 synth before, the controls should be obvious. We’ve added a piano roll so you can easily create up to 8 patterns per synth or simply hit the randomize button for some instant acid-lines. Patterns can be pieced together using the mini-sequencer to create a full length track which can then be recorded to a .wav file.

Acid Machine was built using the Web Audio API, Javascript and HTML5. We’ll have a blog post online soon with full technical details of how it was built.

Best experienced in Chrome…