Blackbox Mastering Software

Posted in Web on August 29, 2018

Blackbox Mastering Software –

Our friend Nammick has just released version 2 of the audio mastering software: Blackbox

It’s an all-in-one mastering system that combines a simple interface with powerful track mastering capabilities. An interesting feature is the content-aware AI which can set up the correct mastering chain for your track.

From the website:

Blackbox adds punch, loudness and quality to your mix, whilst providing the overall balance found in many of today’s top productions.


  • Multiband Compressors.
  • Multi Stage Limiting.
  • Tonal Balancing.
  • Linear Phase EQ’ing.
  • Subtle Harmonic Shaping.
  • Optical Compression Emulation.
  • Dithering & Multi Bitrate Support.
  • A/B Source & Masters.
  • Many More.

Available for Windows & Mac

Check it out…
Nammick Website